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Intensive preparatory course at Sechenov University

Dear future students,
We know that many of you want to study Medicine in Russia.
Preparatory faculty is the first step to achieve your dream.


  1. As a medical student You will have a practice at hospitals and work with Russian patients, who don’t speak English.
  2. It will help you to pass entrance exams and prepare for the first year of studying at the university. Russian is an obligatory exam at many universities even if your program is in English-medium.
  3. You can officially work in Russia during your studying, if you speak Russian.  

We are glad to inform you that  admission at First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University ) for an intensive preparatory course “Preparation for admission to the university (for foreign citizens who do not speak Russian)” is open.

Training period – 7 months
Form of training – full-time
Disciplines: Russian as a foreign language, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.
Application process begins – 01.12.2021 – 28.01.2022
Training begins – 01.02.2022