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The Validation or recognition of foreign studies and degrees. Why is it important for international applicants and students?

If you want to enter a university in Russia, you should have a certificate of recognition.
What is it? Recognition of foreign educational certificates is a standardized form of legalization in the Russian Federation of the education received abroad. Academic recognition allows the educational certificate holder to continue his education at an educational institution of the appropriate level in the Russian Federation.

Why is it important?

  • It  is the obligatory document for admission
  • It is the obligatory document for getting a diploma from a University.

Who needs to have the certificate of recognition?

You don’t need the certificate of recognition,if your country and Russia have signed a bilateral agreement recognizing education documents and your document is subject to this treaty. A list of countries with which such agreements have been made is published on the website of the Main State Center for Education Evaluation.

In all other cases you need to complete a recognition procedure.

How to get the certificate of recognition?

1) You should collect a set of necessary documents:
  • your international passport  and it’s notarized  translation
  • your school certificate and it’s  notarized  translation
2) To send documents to the Main State Center for Education Evaluation. in online format.
3) Paying fee - 6500 RUB.
4) Delivery of recognition certificates. Applications are reviewed within 45 days. The certificate of recognition is available in digital form.

We recommend you not to waste time and start the process in the spring, if you want to enter a University in Russia in the future academic year.

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