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Saratov State Medical University

Saratov State Medical University

Saratov State Medical University, established in 1909, is one of Russia's oldest and most prestigious institutions. With a rich history of academic excellence, it has garnered a distinguished reputation both nationally and internationally.

At Saratov State Medical University, aspiring future applicants can choose from a variety of study programs to shape their careers. These include:

General Medicine: This six-year course offers comprehensive medical knowledge and is available in both Russian and English. Graduates are well-equipped with academic excellence and practical skills, prepared to excel in the medical field. Tuition fees are $3,000 per year for Russian language instruction and $3,600 per year for English language instruction.

Dentistry: Spanning five years, the Dentistry program provides a strong foundation in dental sciences and practical training. It is offered in both Russian and English, with tuition fees of $3,300 per year for Russian language instruction and $4,200 per year for English language instruction.

Pharmacy: Aspiring pharmacists can enroll in this five-year program, offered in Russian and French languages. The curriculum is designed to meet international standards and produce competent professionals. Tuition fees are $2,800 per year for Russian language instruction and $5,600 per year for French language instruction.

Pre-University Course: International students can opt for the Preparatory Course, covering the Russian language, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. It provides essential knowledge for academic success and life in Russia, ensuring a smooth transition to the main academic programs.

Facilities: Saratov State Medical University boasts over 70 departments covering all major areas of Medical and Pharmaceutical Education. The curriculum adheres to rigorous Russian Higher Medical Education standards, offering a well-rounded education with practical clinical experience, preparing graduates for high-quality healthcare services.

Internship: Students gain invaluable practical skills through clinical practice at city hospitals during their training period. This hands-on experience enhances their clinical expertise, making them competent healthcare professionals ready to positively impact patients' lives.

Personalized Mentorship and Support: The university takes pride in its strong tutoring system, offering guidance and assistance to international students. From academic support to adapting to life in Russia, students receive comprehensive help throughout their educational journey, fostering a nurturing learning environment.

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