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5 reasons to study in Russia

Why should you study in Russia?

There are a lot of amazing reasons to study in Russia. In this  article we’ll tell about 5 of them.

1.     A Wide Range of Universities and Study Programmes
There are 1058 universities in Russia and 766 of them are state. More than 1000 study programs available for international students. From art to medicine. According to statistics the Russian Federation has occupied the 8th place in the World in terms of the number of universities.

2.     Opportunity to Study in English
A lot of Russian universities offer training in English. Almost every city in Russia lodges a university offering the opportunity to study in English. Moreover, there are also universities in Russia where you can study in French.

3.     The Optimal Ratio of Price and Quality of Education
The cost of post-secondary education in Russia can be 8–10 times cheaper than in Western Europe or North America. Most courses range from 1,900 USD  to13,500 USD per year.
Meanwhile, the quality of education is at an international level — Russian universities are regularly included in the top 100 and top 500 of the best universities globally in the prestigious QS World University Rankings rating, and the number of rated Russian universities grows every year.

4.     Simple Admission Process
For admission you have to collect a set of required documents and pass entrance exams. No IELTS or TOEFL exams in English language proficiency are also required for admission to a Russian university. You also don’t need to write an admission essay or a profile thesis.

5.     You Can Legally Work in Russia After Obtaining a Student Visa
Starting from 2020, foreign students can legally work in Russia without any special permits. It is essential that your job does not interfere with your studies.