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The procedure of transferring from one university to another between semesters

The procedure of transferring from one university to another between semesters is a very popular topic among students in January and February. Many students want to change their universities, because of different reasons, but they don’t know details about the process of transferring. In this article we will give step by step instruction.

Reasons of transferring:

1) A student is studying at a university, which is not recognized in his/her country. It is a really important thing, because if a student studies at an unaccredited university, he/she won’t work with its diploma in his/her country. Unfortunately, very often international students understand it after 2-3 courses.

Our recommendation for all potential students is to be attentive when you choose your future university. Check a list of accredited universities in your country and choose a university, which is on the list.

2) A student wants to study in English during the whole period of studying, but at his/her university only 2 or 3 first courses are in English, and the following are in Russian. Remember, that universities with fully English programs are more expensive than universities with Russian medium or mixed programs.

Our recommendation - transfer to top-Universities like Sechenov University, RUDN University, Moscow state university of international relationships.

3) The third reason is related to the academic results of students.
Students, who have academic debts very often worry that they will be canceled from their universities, and they want to transfer to another university before an expulsion.

Our recommendation - remember, that you’re a student and you should study. If you have a lot of debts other universities can’t accept you in the following course.

4) The next reason relates to the tuition fees.
Some students want to change their universities because tuition fees are very expensive.

Our recommendation - transfer to a university which has affordable tuition fees for you but check its accreditation.

Documents for transferring:

If you are sure of your decision, you should go to the Dean’s office and take an academic transcript.
  • Academic transcript is a document from the study department of the university, which looks like a list with subjects, which you have studied. In the academic transcript should be written titles of subjects, your marks, and academic hours for each subject.
  • You should take spravka (official documents form your university) which means that you are an active student.
  • You need to take your original documents (school certificate, certificate from preparatory course, certificate of recognition)
It’s the ordinary folder of documents for transferring.

The process of transferring to another university will look for you like this:

  1. You need to send us your academic transcript.
  2. To choose the university that you want to be transferred.
  3. We need to evaluate your academic transcript in order to see the difference of academic hours and subjects that you underwent in the previous university.
  4. We will send your documents to the transfer commission of the university.
  5. You need to pay tuition fees.
  6. You will become an active student.
  7. You will get an individual plan and need to pass an academic difference.