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Discounts for students

Did you know that a student identity card facilitates you to get discounts?

We have prepared a list of top places where you can enjoy discounts upon presentation of a student identity card.

1. You have a 50% discount when visiting museums, galleries and exhibition halls.

2. You can observe the life of wild animals from different world edges in Moscow Zoo absolutely free of charge.

 3. You have a 50% discount when visiting such popular cinemas as  Karo, Luxor, Kinomax, 5 Stars on weekdays.

 4. Are you keen on reading?  The House of Books bookstore provides a discount from 5% to 7% on books and stationery in all chain stores. To get a discount, you have to show a student identity card and receive a cumulative discount card.

 5. Travel around Russia with a discount. Russian Railways provides a 25% discount for students on intercity tickets. At that, the discount is valid only for compartment. To get a discount, you have to present a certificate of study from the university and send it to bonusstudent@fpc.ru . You have also to create a personal account here. When opening a Gazprombank card, a number in the Russian Railways Bonus program is automatically assigned to students.

 6. Could you imagine visiting the Bolshoi Theater for 100 rubles? Simple! To get a discount, you have to come to the theater box office an hour and a half before the performance beginning and present a student identity card.

 7. Can't imagine your life without doing sports?
TOPSTRETCHIN known to be the largest international chain of stretching studios provides a discount of up to 20%. Students of Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University  can enjoy special conditions in the studio near the Troparevo metro station: increased discount of 20%. What is more, it can be combined with pre-sale discounts.
The Gold's Gym Fitness Club offers cards with a 70% discount especially for students.

 8. In many big cities, cafes and canteens provide discounts of up to 25% as a benefit to students. As a rule, information about these special offers is published on the website or pasted directly on the cafe window.

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