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Global Education challenge

Contest for the most captivating video among international students in Russia.

🚨 Attention, challenge alert! 🚨

🏆 GE presents an exciting contest for the most captivating video! 🎥

What awaits the winners and champions? 🌟

1️⃣ Airpods Pro 22

2️⃣ Universal wireless charging dock "Rapture SmartStand R11"

3️⃣ Gift Certificate from Sport Master

But that's not all! 🎉 Your chance for fame awaits as all videos will be featured on GE's social media platforms! 📲

Who's eligible to participate? 🌍

All international students studying at Russian universities!

What's the task? 📝

1️⃣ Capture a moment of your student life in Russia in a video no longer than 59 seconds. 🎓🇷🇺

2️⃣ Submit your video to Info@globaledurussia.com from March 11 to March 21, along with your full name, university, and study program. 📧📆

3️⃣ Don't forget to follow GE's accounts:

Instagram: Link
YouTube: Link
Telegram: Link

What happens next? 🤔

From March 22 to March 28, all videos will be showcased on our Telegram channel Global Education English, where an open vote will determine the winners! 🗳️

Mark your calendars! The winners will be revealed on March 29! 🏅🎉