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Social (transport) card for international students

Social card is provided to students. It is used as a transport card to take public transport 🚇 in Moscow at a lower price.

It must be activated and then refilled every month, separately for the metro (at a metro cashier’s) and the ground public transport (in grey ticket kiosks).  

How to apply for a social card ?
  1. Check information about  in a register of students here
  2. If your name is in the register you should choose the closest Multifunctional Center. 
  3. You need to take your passport, a copy of it’s translation and your student ID card. File  an application for a social card at the Center. 
  4. In 30 calendar days your social card will be ready.

If you are not in the register of students, you need to go to the dean's office of your University.