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The process of admission to a university in Russia for international applicants

Academic year in Russia starts from the 1st of September. If an international applicant studies in English-medium, in that case he/she will start studying at bachelor’s or master's degree program from the first of October. In Russia we have one intake from May until September. Some universities  can prolong the admission in an individual format. From 2020 admission is in an online format.

There are some standard steps of admission for international applicants:

1.To choose a university and study program

How to choose a university?

Tuition fees are important for many applicants. Of course, we understand that it is important to find an optimal ratio of price and quality of education.
But you need to understand that not all Russian universities are accredited in your country. And often the cheapest universities of Russia don’t have accreditation in some countries.

Our recommendation is to find a list of accredited Russian universities  at the official website of the Ministry of Education of your country and check which Russian universities are accredited in your country. Of course, if you apply with Global Education, our manager will help you with this aspect. 

2. To collect a folder of your documents for admission

For admission you need  to send to the admission committee the following documents:
  • scan of your valid international passport which will be valid for at least 20 months;
  • scan of your high school certificate with transcript. School certificates of some countries are acknowledged with the Russian ministry of education; it is connected with  intergovernmental agreements, which the Russian government has signed with the government of another country. For example, in 1973 the Russian government and the government of Iraq Republic concluded an intergovernmental agreement about  mutual legal assistance. According to the agreement, education documents of applicants from Iraq are recognized in Russia without any additional stamps.
  • For applicants from some countries consular legalization and apostille at their school certificates are obligatory. For example, applicants from Morocco can apply to a university in Russia, if they have a school certificate with consular legalization.
One more important moment - All your documents must be notarially certified translated into Russian language. If you apply with Global education, of course, translation of documents is a part of our work and our managers will give all necessary information about documents for your country.
  • certificate of preparatory course. If you want to study in Russia, first of all you need to study at foundation year and only after that you can apply for a bachelor's or master's degree program. 

3.To send documents to the admission  committee

4.To pass entrance exams

 You can’t apply to a university in Russia, if you don’t pass entrance exams. Format of exams depends on the university. In some universities you need to pass tests, in others you need to pass an oral interview.  For admission,usually applicants need to pass two exams. For medical students it can be: Russian and chemistry, for IT department: Russian and maths. Russian is an obligatory exam. Sure, you can study in an English medium program, but you have to pass Russian as an entrance exam.

5.To pay tuition fees

After payment of tuition fees you can start the invitation process. In 21 working days, you will get a Student visa and you can come to Russia. Important information! Russian universities can’t give you a Student visa without payment of tuition fees for the 1st semester. Universities need a guarantee that you will come to Russia for studying.