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Interesting facts about Saint Petersburg

Russia travel guide: Saint Petersburg

We continue our rubric “Russia travel guide”, in which we talk about the cities and sights of Russia. And today we will tell you about a city that every foreigner should visit.

Magnificent St. Petersburg is also known as "Northern capital of Russia" and the "Northern Venice".

We have collected for you 5 interesting facts about the city:

• St. Petersburg was founded in 1703 by Russia’s first Emperor Peter I. In 1712–1918, it was the capital of Russia.

• The city is famed for its white nights. This is an unusual natural phenomenon when it does not get dark at night from the end of May to mid-July.

  • The subway in St. Petersburg is the deepest in the world, with tunnels located 70–80 metres below the ground. The deepest station is Admiralteiskaya, with a record of 86 metres.

• There are more than 300 bridges in St. Petersburg: 21 drawbridges, 24 pedestrian and 297 transport ones. Every tourist must see the process of breeding bridges.

• The largest museum in the world, “the Hermitage”, is located in St. Petersburg. Just imagine, there are more than 3,000,000 exhibits there! To see all the collections, visitors will have to go around 365 halls! Moreover, if you linger at each exhibit for only 60 seconds, you need 8 years to see all exhibits.