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Foundation year in Russia

Preparation for Russian university admission

For applicants who wish to successfully enroll in a Russian university in 2023, we have compiled a list of places where you can begin studying at preparatory departments on February 1, 2023.

The preparatory course is a pre—university training program for foreign students who want to prepare for admission to Russian universities.
The program consists of a Russian language course as well as specialized subjects related to your future specialty. There are five types of preparatory faculty:
- technical
- natural sciences
- medicine 
- humanitarian
- economic sciences

The main subject in these courses is the Russian language; the list of other majors depends on the profile of the preparatory course.

1. For those who want to study medicine, we recommend that you take an intensive preparatory course at the First Moscow State Medical University. Interesting to note that this is the best medical university in Russia. The program lasts 6 months of intensive study and completely replaces the 10-month courses offered by other universities.

Start date: February 1.
Duration: 6 months
Form of study: full-time and online 
Tuition fee: $2,400

To enter the preparatory department, you will need a valid passport and its notarized
translation into Russian. 

2. Option number two is suitable for future engineers and IT specialists. The Moscow Aviation Institute has begun accepting applications for a technical preparatory course. Perhaps, as a result
of your studies at the MAI, you will become your country's Elon Musk!

Start date: on February 1
Duration: 8 months
Form of study: full-time
Tuition fee: $3,000

Required documents include a valid passport and a high school graduation certificate. The documents must be notarized and translated into Russian.

3. Option three is appropriate for those who wish to study online. Peoples' Friendship University
of Russia's Digital Preparatory Faculty applicants can choose from five different types of preparatory courses. As a result, this option is suitable for almost everyone.

Start date: all year round
when groups are formed.
Duration: 8 months
Form of study: online only
Tuition fee: $2,220.

To enter the preparatory department, you will need a valid passport and its translation.

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