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How to Apply to Russian Universities as an International Student in 2024?

Admission Procedure to Russian Universities for International Students | Admission Campaign 2024

Starting from June 20, all Russian universities began their admission campaigns. It’s important to note that the application deadlines, list of required documents, number of available seats, and order of entrance exams depend on the specific university. We offer a detailed guide to help you successfully go through all the admission stages.

Required Documents for Admission.

1. Scan of a valid international passport. The passport must be valid for at least 20 months, which is necessary for obtaining a student visa. If your international passport is being renewed, you can initially submit documents based on your national passport, but you will need to provide a scan and translation of the international passport when applying for the visa.

2. Scan of the educational document with a transcript of grades. For undergraduate and specialist degree programs, this is the high school completion certificate. For master's, residency, and postgraduate programs, it is the diploma of the previous education level. In some cases, an apostille or consular legalization of the educational document is required. You can check which type of legalization is necessary for your country on the website of the Main State Expert Center for Education Evaluation.

IMPORTANT! All provided documents must be translated into Russian and notarized.

3. Certificate of recognition of foreign education. This certificate confirms the equivalence of your educational document to the Russian one and allows you to apply to Russian universities. The process of obtaining the certificate takes 40 working days from the moment of document submission. Learn more about the recognition procedure and who needs it here.

4. Medical documents. A number of universities (e.g., Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University) require medical certificates indicating the absence of HIV, hepatitis B and C, as well as a certificate of medical examination. These documents must also be translated into Russian and notarized.

5. A photo sized 3x4 cm.

6. Completed application forms required by the university.

Advice for applicants:

We recommend preparing documents in advance as the application deadlines to universities are limited. For instance, at the First Saint Petersburg State Medical University named after acad. I.P. Pavlov, the first exams for international students will take place as early as June 24! If you miss the application deadlines, you can choose another university with later deadlines or apply in the next year.

Submitting documents to the admissions committee.

Once all necessary documents are collected, they need to be submitted to the admissions committee of the chosen university. In most universities, this can be done online: send the documents to the admissions committee's email or register on the university website and create a personal applicant account, where you need to upload all your documents and applications in a specific format. This stage presents challenges for 90% of international applicants.

Entrance exams and final steps.

After submitting documents, the admissions committee staff will evaluate them and notify you about the possibility of your admission. After successful consideration, you will be scheduled for entrance exams. The list of subjects and exam format depends on the university and the program. These may include online or offline tests or oral interviews. Since 2020, most Russian universities conduct exams online, however, some universities still hold in-person exams, for instance, Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (for applicants from Iran), First Saint Petersburg State Medical University named after acad. I.P. Pavlov, and Ivanovo State Medical University.

After successfully passing the entrance exams, you will be sent an officoal contract. For enrollment, you need to pay the first semester fee. After the payment, you will be included in the enrollment order, confirming your student status. Then, you will be able to submit documents for obtaining a student visa invitation. The process takes about 21 working days.

Assistance from Global Education.

The process of entering Russian universities includes many details and nuances, which can be difficult for international applicants to understand on their own. Global Education collaborates with over 40 universities in Russia and has been successfully assisting international students for more than 5 years. We guarantee successful admission to your desired university this year.

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With Global Education, you can be sure that your admission to a Russian university will go smoothly. Our experts will assist you at every stage, from document preparation to support during your studies. Don’t miss the chance to start studying in Russia in 2024.

🚀 Key Dates and Steps: From June 20, Russian universities are open for applications. 🗓️ Don’t miss your deadlines and make sure you have all your documents ready!

📄 Required Documents:
  1. Passport: Must be valid for at least 20 months.
  2. Educational Documents: High school certificate for undergrads; previous degree diploma for higher studies. May need an apostille or consular legalization.
  3. Certificate of Recognition: Confirms your education’s equivalence to Russian standards. Takes 40 working days to obtain.
  4. Medical Documents: Required by some universities. Must be translated and notarized.
  5. Photo: 3x4 cm size.
  6. Application Forms: Complete the university-specific forms.

📝 Pro Tip: Prepare your documents early! Some universities, like First Saint Petersburg State Medical University, start exams as early as June 24! 🏃‍♂️💨

📧 Submitting Your Documents: Most universities accept online submissions. Create an applicant account on the university's website and upload your documents.

📚 Entrance Exams: Once your documents are evaluated, you’ll be scheduled for exams. These can be online or offline, depending on the university and program.

🎓 Final Steps: After passing the exams, you’ll receive an official contract. Pay the first semester fee to confirm your enrollment. Then, apply for a student visa invitation.

💡 Need Help? Global Education is here to assist you! We’ve helped thousands of international students successfully get admitted to top Russian universities. Contact us for expert guidance through every step of your application process.