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Clinical residency in Russia

Everything about Clinical Residency in Russia for Foreign Students

Are you aspiring to become a surgeon, cardiologist, orthodontist, or another specialized medical professional? After completing programs in "general medicine" or "dentistry," your next crucial step will be clinical residency. This stage is essential for acquiring specialized knowledge and skills required for independent practice.

What is clinical residency?

Clinical residency in Russia is a system of postgraduate education designed to prepare specialist doctors. Training takes place at leading medical universities and research institutes. Upon completion of residency, graduates receive a specialist diploma, granting them the right to practice medicine independently.

Duration and Specializations

Typically, residency lasts for two years, but depending on the chosen specialization, the duration can be extended to three to five years. For example, starting from 2023, the plastic surgery program entails a five-year training period (click here to get more information).

Who can become a resident?

Residency is open to graduates with a higher medical or pharmaceutical education. This is your opportunity to deepen your knowledge and become a highly qualified specialist in your chosen field.

Admission: Documents and Exams

To apply, you will need to provide the following documents:

• Valid international passport with at least 20 months
• Diploma of higher education with a transcript of grades
• 3x4 cm photograph

For successful admission to the residency program, you will need to undergo testing, or initial accreditation, in your chosen specialty. This exam evaluates your knowledge and practical skills necessary for professional medical practice. Since 2020, there has been the option to take the exam in an online format, making the process more accessible for candidates from different countries.

Language of Instruction

The primary language of instruction in residency programs is Russian, considering that you will mostly interact with patients who speak this language. However, in some leading medical universities in Russia, there is the possibility to attend some courses in English, especially concerning theoretical lectures. If you do not have a proficient level of Russian, it is recommended to undergo special preparation at the preparatory department of a medical university (more information about pre-university courses you will find here).


There are numerous prestigious medical universities in Russia where you can undergo residency training:

1. First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M. Sechenov – one of the oldest and most respected medical universities in the country.

2. Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) – known for its international program and extensive opportunities for foreign.

3. Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University specializes in training doctors in the field of pediatrics.

4. Volgograd State Medical University (VolgGMU) offers a wide range of medical specializations.

5. Kemerovo State University is renowned for its innovative programs and modern approach to education.

Support for international students
Global Education has been a partner to over 40 universities throughout Russia for over 5 years, successfully assisting foreign students with admissions and adaptation to Russian universities. We will support and guide you through all stages of admission and education. For inquiries regarding admissions, please contact consultants.