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How much is tuition fee? When should I pay?
The average tuition fee from 3000 to 10000 USD per academic year depending on the chosen speciality and language.

For the exact amount you can find at University page.

Upon the receipt of the confirmation of your admission you will also get the Admission Letter and the Invoice to make the payment for your first academic year. The payment with this invoice should be made within 5 days from the date of the issue of invoice. Payment after the receipt of entry visa or upon arrival to Russia is impossible. Nowadays, all universities require payment in advance before to issue invitation.

If you want to pay by yourself, you should come to come to Russia on a tourist visa, pass exams and make payment.

We accompany and provide the necessary assistance to you, at all stages.
The process of getting the invitation usually takes about 25 working days.
How to apply?
Just fill out the application and we will contact you immediately.

Prepare all necessary documents:

  • A scan of your passport (page with photo and personal details)
  • A scan of your certificate and marks statment;
  • A scan of passport with Russian visa( if you have)

Applications are accepted electronically, at any time.
Should I provide any certificate to confirm my knowledge of English or French?
It is not necessary to present international language certificates, but we ae recommend to you careful taken a choice when will choose language of education.
Are there any entrance exams?
Foreign students coming for studies at the preparatory faculty through Global Education are admitted to university without any entrance exams.

Foreign students coming for bachelor degree, master's degree, specialists degree, residency and post-graduate programs through Global Education are admitted to universities on favorable terms, namely, they pass tests or interview and do not have to pass entrance examinations in full as other applicants who apply independently.

We guarantee your admission to the university if you meet all the formal requirements.
Where else can I send my application and documents?
You need to send all documents to our e-mail info@globaledurussia.com, before that you should fill out application form.
What kind of services does Global Education offer to international students?
Our services are included:

  • Consulting on choosing a future specialty and University in Russia. Consulting about Russian higher educational system and admission rules. Provide support and assistance in choosing a future specialty and University in accordance with your request;
  • Preliminary examination of the applicant's educational documents on the eligibility to study at Russian universities;
  • Formalizing the documents to obtain the Invitation Letter to the chosen university at the Main De-partment for Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the cities/regions and sending invitations to the applicants;
  • Consultation and assistance to the applicants with applying for Russian study visa;
  • Meeting the students at the Russian airports and accompanying them to the city and university of their studies;
  • Providing accommodation for students in a students' hostel of the university for the whole period of studies (up to 7 years);
  • Assistance in registration at the Main Department for Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian cities/regions and sending invitations to the applicants;
  • Help to obtain medical insurance card for foreign students;
  • Assistance in obtaining the Certificate of Equivalence of foreign educational documents in the Minis-try of Education and Science of Russia (Rosobrnadzor) which is compulsory for every foreign student to be admitted to any Russian university;
  • Monitoring the students' academic progress and behaviour;
  • Mentoring and protection of student rights, including support of any kind during the whole duration of their studies in Russia.
When do my courses start? When should I come for studies?
The students' arrival is annually scheduled as follows:

  • Preparatory faculty : from the 15th of September to the 15th of November;
  • English and French Medium programs: from the 25th of August to the 15-25th of October;
  • Russian Medium programs (for students fluent in the Russian language): the 20 – 25th of August.
What is legalization of educational documents?
According to the legislation of the Russian Federation the documents issued in another country can be used (can be accepted by the Russian bodies and organizations) only with legalization.

number of certain formal procedures for giving the document validity on the territory of other country for the purpose of representing it in official bodies of other state is called legalization. There are 2 types of legalizations:

Consular legalization.

«Apostille» – a simplified legalization procedure.

Without legalization. Documents issued in member countries of the multilateral or bilateral agreements, which abolish the requirement of legalization of documents, are accepted without legalization. List of countries, with which the Russian Federation have signed international agreements, that abolish the legalization procedur.
Will anyone pick me up from the airport and accompany to the University?
We can provide the service of organizing your meeting and settle to the dorm.
What documents should be ready before my arrival to Russia?
The documents to be submitted to the university upon the student's arrival are the following:

  • The original Certificate of secondary education/Diploma of higher education properly legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country (or any other organisation as prescribed by your country of residence laws and regulations) and the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the country that issued your educational documents (or with an Apostille for the countries members of the Hague Conven-tion);

  • The original Academic transcript of your Certificate of secondary education/Diploma of higher educa-tion with the list of your grades, properly legalized with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your coun-try (or any other organisation as prescribed by your country of residence laws and regulations) and the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the country that issued your educational documents (or with an Apostille for the countries members of the Hague Convention);

  • Medical Certificate of general health. The students enrolled for medical specialties should provide an extended health certificate;

  • Vaccination certificate or a certificate that includes information about all previously made vaccinations;
  • Certificate of absence of HIV infection;
  • Certificate of photofluorography and a relevant chest radiography picture;
  • 12 photos, size 3 х 4 cm.
Is it difficult to study the Russian language?
Over 350 million people across the world speak Russian. International graduates of Foundation and Russian language courses all round Russia annually join them.

Preparatory faculty is a university course where international students are prepared for their further studies and degree programs at Russian universities. During one academic year (8-10 months), students learn the Russian language and major subjects required for their future specialty: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Information Technologies and others. The program of the Foundation course is of medium complexity and is designed for the applicants with intermediate knowledge and skills. The students who regularly attend their classes and diligently do their homework normally do not have any issues with their studies and mastering the academic program.

Experience has shown that over 95% of the students successfully complete their Foundation course and are subsequently enrolled for the main program (to the first year of their specialty) in Russian. Upon completion of the Foundation course international students usually demonstrate adequate language skills. They can read and understand the written text, retell the texts and participate in discussions; they have good comprehension of spoken Russian and are ready to engage in a dialogue; they are capable of rendering in writing any texts they read; they can also write down lectures, summarize and make proper notes. Moreover, international students have an opportunity for daily practice of their Russian which is also an important contribution to mastering the language: they speak at the students' hostel and university, on the streets, in shops etc. Therefore, the Russian language appears not so difficult to learn, nowadays over 310 000 international students from 200 different countries have already become students at Russian universities and are doing great in their studies.
When will I have holidays?
Academic year lasts 10 months: from the 1st of September until the 30th of June.
One academic year consists of 2 semesters. Upon completion of each semester, the students have to take tests and examinations in the subjects they studied.

  • The 1st semester: from the 1st of September until the 25th of January;
  • The 2nd semester: from the 9th of February until the 30th of June.

There are two types of holidays: winter holidays (2 weeks from the 25th of January until the 9th of February) and summer holidays (2 months from the 1st of July until the 30th of August). Students can choose whether to spend their winter and summer holidays in Russia or to travel to their home country.
Can I transfer to another Russian university to continue my studies?
The student's transfer from one Russian university to another is only possible provided that the student fulfills the academic rules and financial obligations.

In each case, we guarantee an individual approach to your situation.
Where will I live during my studies in Russia?
Together with you, we'll find the best option for accommodation.
We offer to you a wide range of accommodation such as dorm, hostels , flat, apartment.
How much money does a student usually spend in Russia per month?
To cover the living costs in Russia students usually need on average 300 - 350 USD per month. However, at first it is advisable to have another 500 USD for any extra costs, and also accommodation fee. All interested are invited to consult the list of services at our web site.
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