I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University)
of foundation
140 departments
2 300
15 000
2 200
foreign students
from 75 countries
Interesting fact
Sechenov University for the first time is in the world ranking of the best universities
— in 2016 year
LLC "Global Education" has signed an official agreement with the Sechenov University for 2020/2021
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I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University)
Today, Sechenov University is the main Russian scientific, educational and clinical center for the preparation of highly qualified specialists in the field of medicine, as evidenced by its high positions in authoritative international educational and professional ratings.

Sechenov University is a member of the World Health Organization; participant of the International and the Eurasian Association of Universities; has good connections with world known organizations such as: "Doctors Without Borders", "Red Cross", "Open Society Institute", World Bank and UNESCO.

The vast experience gained over more than 260 years of history, the high professionalism of professors, science and innovations, as well as respectful treatment to academic traditions, allow Sechenov University to occupy a leading position in the field of medical education at the world level.
The highest level of training graduates, their relevance among employers, high status positions in the field of health and medicine, which they occupy when they return to their homeland - all this confirms the high quality of medical education in Sechenov University.

Graduates of Sechenov University receive a Russian state diploma, indicating that they have received high education, indicating the degree / qualification and specialty. A graduate can optionally receive an additional document - the European Diploma Supplement, which allows him to obtain the equivalence of a diploma in any country of the world to continue his studies or employment in these countries.
University Achievements
The university entered the world educational rating according to the prestigious British consulting company Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) in the direction of "Medicine".
Sechenov University is the only medical University in Russia, listed in "best-1000" and ranks 13th out of 24 Russian universities-participants of the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking.
I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University entered the all-Russian academic excellence project 5-100 aimed at enhancing competitiveness of leading Russian universities among the global research and education centers.
The university bears the name of Ivan Sechenev (1829-1905)
— outstanding Russian physiologist, biologist and chemist.
The international cooperation
Sechenov University was one of the first universities in Russia, which began the process of admitting foreign students for studying - in 1949. Nowadays, about 20% of University students are foreign citizens. The university takes the 1st place in the number of foreign students among medical universities in Russia. Today, 2,200 foreign students from 75 countries of the world are studying.
In 2017, there was the largest graduation of foreign students in the entire history of the University - 357 students from 35 countries received diplomas. The leaders in this list were students from Malaysia - 219 people. 222 graduates from the total number were studying in English. The preparation of foreign medical students is an important and priority activity of the University.

The university offers foreign students a full educational cycle. You can start studying at the University from the preparatory faculty (1 academic year), which will help to improve your school level of education to the required for entering and mastering university education (main programs), to study the Russian language and specialized medical subjects - biology, chemistry, physics. Further, the Student may be accepted for training in the basic educational program chosen by him (in Russian or in English). University graduates can continue their education and receive postgraduate education (residency and postgraduate study) in more than 100 specialties.
The university implements master degree programs of double diplomas: Russia - Germany (Steinbeis Transfer Institute Biotechnology in Interdisciplinary Dentistry, Stuttgart); Russia - the Republic of Ireland (Hibernia College, Dublin); Russia - China (Harbin Medical University), Russia - Bulgaria (Medical University, Varna).

Sechenov University cooperates with universities and organizations from 70 countries - Vietnam, Germany, Israel, Namibia, Nigeria, Norway, Serbia, Slovenia, USA, France, Japan and the CIS countries; He is a co-organizer of the Russian-Chinese Association of Medical Universities.

Sechenov University has partnerships with many foreign educational, scientific and medical institutions, international and national organizations, societies, associations.

Among them: the World Federation of International Education; Association of University Health Management Programs; World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and Associations of General Practitioners; European Health Management Association; World Health Organization; International Science and Technology Centre.
Multi-level cooperation allows the University specialists and their foreign colleagues to work together on various projects in the educational, scientific and research fields.
Educational process
The University of Sechenov trains highly skilled general practitioners, highly specialized doctors and health care professionals. The effective educational process is achieved due to the highest professionalism of teachers and the unique material and technical base, which the university has.

Consolidation of theoretical knowledge and practical skills is held on the basis of 7 university clinical hospitals. The university also has 20 educational and medical buildings and 16 interdisciplinary medical and diagnostic services.

Students become medical specialties through the direct interaction with patients. University hospitals annually receive inpatient care for more than 62,000 and outpatient care for more than 300,000 patients. All this allows you to get a great professional practice in the years of study.
In the structure of Sechenov University there are 7 research institutes that expands the educational opportunities of students and allows them to find their professional direction in medicine. The university today has a large computer park, has multimedia complexes for lecture classes, Internet rooms, virtual operating rooms and laboratories.

The University is improving the complex of e-education, which is designed to significantly optimize the learning process. It includes: remote case technologies, web technologies, virtual reading rooms. All students have access to a unique collection of the medical library.
The University has a Center for Medicine of the Future (since 2011), its activities are focused on research. Students who are professionally interested in research work can study on the basis of this Center and after graduation receive the European Diploma Supplement. This document, developed and approved by the European Commission, UNESCO and the Council of Europe, simplifies the process of confirming graduates' education certificates abroad.
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