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PhD programs in Russia

PhD programs in Russia

The higher education system in the Russian Federation consists of several levels:
·       bachelor's degree and specialist's degree
·       master's degree
·       residency (for graduates of medical universities)
·       postgraduate training program.

In this article, we will explore in more detail the third level of higher education known as Ph.D worldwide. Many international students would like to study Ph.D. programs in Russia, but often face the problems because they do not understand at full extent how the Russian higher education system works.

In Russia, the equivalent of Ph.D. is Aspirantura and the assignment of a degree of Candidate of Sciences. When compared to America, this is not the last stage of higher education in Russia since there is a degree of Doctor of Sciences being the final stage in the Russian education system.

Graduates of specialist's or master's degree programs can master postgraduate training program. The study has lasted for 3-4 years (depends on the major).

How to enter  Aspirantura?
To enter a postgraduate program, it is necessary to successfully pass the entrance tests in philosophy, foreign language and major. A variety of universities also consider the individual achievements of applicants: the scientific publications, international language certificates, participation in scientific conferences.

What does the mode of postgraduate study look like?
You can choose full-time and extramural mode of study. It depends on the delivery mode in major chosen by you and a particular university.

How is the study built?

At the beginning of their studies, postgraduate students choose a scientific direction and a research topic for their thesis. Each postgraduate student has a scientific adviser helping the student to prepare their thesis. During the course of your studies, you have to speak at conferences and publish 2-3 papers in scientific journals. What is more, the postgraduate training program includes practical and pedagogical internship. For example, if you have chosen a major in history, you have to give history classes at humanities faculties.

Is it possible to master postgraduate training programs in English?
Yes, some universities of the Russian Federation offer postgraduate training programs in English. Below we have prepared a list of such universities for you.

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN)
Siberian Federal University
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Tomsk State University
Moscow State Institute of International Relations
Ural Federal University named after the first president B.N. Yeltsin
ITMO University