Volgograd State Medical University (VolgSMU)

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Teaching staff
12796 / 1000

Students/ international
Иностранные студенты в России
2000 students are studying at VolgSMU
Programs & Tuition fees
Admission rules
  • 1
    To collect a folder of required documents for admission: a copy of valid international passport, a copy of the document on graduation with transcript, a certificate of recognition, photograph (3 x 4 cm). All documents must be translated into Russian and notarized or consul-certified.
  • 2
    Entrance exams. The exams can be passed remotely (online) or in the candidate's personal presence (offline).
  • 3
    To pay tuition fees
  • 4
    Medical Certificate indicating the absence of HIV infection and contraindications to studying in the country
Russian student visa
  • 1
    A valid international passport which should be valid for at least 18 months from the issue date of the visa and with at least two unmarked pages
  • 2
    A completed application form for an invitation letter
  • 3
    An official invitation letter from your chosen university
  • 4
    Photograph 3.5x4.5 cm
  • 5
    A letter of consent from your parents and certified by a notary (if you're under 18)
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  • In 2022, the university was included in the International Ranking "Three Missions of the University", where it secured a position in the range of 1001-1100
  • The university is included in the World Health Organization's List of Medical Universities
  • The education of foreign students has been taking place since 1962
  • The university hosts a Scientific Center for Innovative Pharmaceutical Products (SCIPP) with experience in production

About Volgograd State Medical University

Volgograd State Medical University (VolgSMU) is an educational institution with a rich history, founded in 1935 under the name Stalingrad Medical Institute. Today, VolgSMU is one of the largest medical and pharmaceutical universities in Russia, attracting students at various levels of education.

The university prepares specialists in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, social work, clinical psychology, biotechnical systems and technologies, healthcare management, genetics, and biochemistry.

For foreign students, there is a special preparatory department where they can study the Russian language and subjects related to their chosen specialty, enabling them to successfully enroll and adapt to studying in Russia.
The university also offers programs in medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry taught in English, making it attractive to international applicants.

Graduates of VolgSMU have the opportunity to continue their education in residency or postgraduate studies, as well as to undergo retraining and advanced training courses at the Faculty of Physician Development.

Additionally, the university provides foreign students with affordable accommodation in student dormitories, with prices ranging from 420 to 820 dollars per year depending on the type of.
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