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VSU is the only University in Europe with its own unique Nature Reserve
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Foreign students from 70 countries study in VSU
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Pre-University foundation
Bachelor's degree
Specialist degree
Master's degree
Entrance tests & Deadlines
Pre-University foundation
Bachelor's degree
Specialist degree
Master's degree
Admission rules
  • 1
    Scan of passport and legalized certificate of complete higher secondary education
    (with academic transcript)
  • 2
    Notarized translation of passport and educational documents in Russian Consulate
  • 3
    Certificate of Recognition
  • 4
  • 5
    Medical Certificate
    (Confirming the Candidate is Not Suffering From Any Disease That Could Be Threat to General Public's Health)
Visa rules
Student visas in Russia are required for students from most foreign countries. Russia is not a member state of the EU/EFTA, so the EU visa-free entry privilege does not apply for European students. Required Documents for Study Visas in Russia:
  • 1
    A valid passport which will be valid for at least 18 months from the issue date of the visa and with at least two unmarked pages
  • 2
    An official invitation letter from your chosen university
  • 3
    Application form
  • 4
    A certificate showing your HIV-negative status no older than 90 days
  • 5
    A letter of consent from your parents and certified by a notary (if you're under 18)
  • 6
    Photograph 3.5x4.5 cm
This is the general list. Consult the Russian Embassy or Consulate in your country.
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Personal Care
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History of Voronezh State University
Masters graduation ceremony
About VSU scientific potential
100 years anniversary
  • Over the course of its long and glorious history Voronezh State University has formed more than 40 internationally recognized academic and research communities which annually undertake more than 200 research projects and are regularly awarded national and international grants to pursue their research.
  • Voronezh State University is home to 25 Dissertation Defense Boards which oversee the preparation and the defense of PhD, Dr. phil. habil and Dr. phil. nat. habil dissertations and submit recommendations to the Supreme Certifying Committee for the award of postgraduate degrees.
  • According to the results of 2009, Voronezh State University took 15-16 places in the national rating of higher educational institutions of Russia.
  • The QS World University Rankings-2016 placed Voronezh State University in the 701+ position among the best universities in the world.
About university & International cooperation & Educational process
Voronezh State University is one of the oldest universities in Russia – over 100 years of achievement in the Voronezh region, Russia and the world;

- VSU has over 21 thousand students – the largest number of students in Voronezh;

- VSU has the most buildings (10) and dormitories (9) among all the universities in Voronezh;

- VSU is engaged in collaboration with more than 120 international universities;

- There are 42 Sports Clubs in 25 kinds of sports, including football, cross-country skiing, orienteering, wrestling, chess, wushu, karate-dō, rock climbing, dance sport, etc. for students to choose from;

VSU is among the top four Russian universities in the number of foreign students and the number of contacts with the leading international universities.

The history of teaching foreign students at VSU comprises over 50 years. During this time, about 15 thousand overseas students, postgraduate students, and interns from 126 different countries received various degrees from VSU. Currently, there are about 1 000 foreign students at VSU.
Russian higher education institutions (HEIs) commonly offer the following degrees: bachelor's degree, master's degree, diploma (specialist) degree, postdoctoral degree.

A student receives a Bachelor's degree after 4 (full-time) or 5 (part-time) years of study at the university (minimum level to be recognized as having Higher Education).

To gain a Master's degree, one has to complete a 2-year (full-time) or 2.5-year (part-time) postgraduate course.

A student receives a Degree (specialist) diploma after 5 (full-time) or 6 (part-time) years of study at the university. The Russian university curriculum is more fundamental and generally broader than in Western universities. After successfully presenting a graduation paper (usually 70–100 pages) to the Qualification Committee of the Department, the Russian Diploma (specialist) degree roughly corresponds to a Western Master's Degree.

The academic degree in Russia is called "Kandidat nauk" (that could be translated verbatim as a "Candidate of Sciences"). This academic degree may be matched by a Western PhD degree. It is granted after 3 years of study and research in a postgraduate school. The qualification requirements are higher than in most Western universities, with mandatory publications in peer-reviewed journals (usually 3 publications suffice), 3 exams (one in their speciality, one in a foreign language and one in the history and philosophy of science), and public defence of the theses with open scientific discussion and approval at the Federal government level.
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