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Nowadays, Moscow Aviation Institute is the leading Russian high-tech university, training the global elite of engineering staff for the aviation, missile and space industries.
RUDN University offers various areas of training and specialization - technical, scientific, medical, economic, humanitarian.

At RUDN University, purposeful students can become theoretically and practically advanced specialists.
Sechenovskiy University is a member of the International Association of Universities. On the basis of direct agreements and contracts, the University cooperates with universities in the USA, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands and others.

Each year, the University receives about 100 foreign specialists, an active exchange of students.

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Did you know, that Russians love Vodka? Especially with appetizers, like pickles and herring
Vodka – a traditional Russian beverage, it is similar to Sangria in Spain and Beer in Germany. Many say that the best type of vodka is Russian Moonshine. The villagers prepare it with sugar, potatoes, beets and fruits using special home appliances. Many years ago it was simply called wine. But, few people drink vodka in the morning.
Did you know that Russians almost never smile ?
This doesn’t mean that they are not friendly. They don’t smile to strangers, but this can be simply changed.
Did you know that Bears in Russia live in forests?
There are a lot of them in Siberia, but none in cities!
Did you know that when Russians prepare for a long trip, the sit down for a few seconds before heading on the road?
This is a very old Russian tradition. They are sure that this would make their trip better.
Did you know that Russians never whistle indoors?
Because they will lose all of their money! 😊
Did you know that most Russians like to hike and collect mushrooms? even if they don’t eat them?
Did you know that after New year’s, Russians have a 10-day holiday, which makes it Russia’s favorite holiday
Did you know that Russia has more than 190 different nationalities!
Did you know that Russians are very skeptical of people that don’t drink.
They look at them with weird glances and think that they are aliens. They will stare at them for long, and try to understand, what is wrong with this person.

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